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Top 10 sighthounds of the year in the Danish Sighthound Club

Taken from Top 10 Greyhounds of the year 2021
in the Danish Kennel Club


Taken from the Top 10 Irish Wolfhounds of the year 2021
in the Danish Kennel Club
It was a big experience participating in such a huge event
European Championships in Lurecoursing 2021 in Holland
21st October

Greyhound males
Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica no 4
Eikica Xceptional Xander no 5
Eikica Xquisite Xylos no 6

Above and below are some fantastic photos taken by Kaj Frøling

Team leader Karin Jansz speaks to the Danish team!

(The dogs are listening carefully to her instructions!)

Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica and his rival getting ready for the chase!

Eikica Xquisite Xylos
Above and below: Eikica Xceptional Xander at top speed!

The 3 Danish Kennel Club Shows in Herning
on the 12‐13‐14th November 2021
Friday: International CACIB‐udstilling ‐ qualification to Crufts 2022
Saturday: Nordic Show - Nordic Winner 2021
Søndag: International CACIB Show - Danish Winner 2021

Sunday 14th of November: International Show
Judge Lotte Jørgensen

Eikica Dazzling Dragon, junCAC, DKJV21

Eikica Dion Deluxe, resJCAC

Eikica Darling Dana, junCAC, DKjV21

EIKICA BIS 3 breeders group

Saturday 13th of November: Nordic Show – Nordic Winner 2021

Eikica Dion Deluxe, junCAC, NordJWinner21

Eikica Dazzling Dragon, res JunCAC

Eikica Danish Diva, best junior bitch

Eikica Bossy Bob, Ex2, resCAC, resNCAC

Eikica Breeders group: Honour prize

Friday 12th of November: International CACIB‐udstilling
Judge Kimmo Mustonen

Eikica Danish Diva junCAC

EIKICA breeders group, Honour prize

Our boys did so well at the autumn
Lure coursing in Ostercappin, Germany 2nd of November!

Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica no 2, Vaya Con Dios Dances with Wolfs no 3,
Eikica Xceptional Xander no 4, and Eikica Xquisite Xylos no 5:

The Danish Kennel Club International Show Ballerup 19th September
Photos: Torben Blach

Rude Rider Debbie Harry, BOB, CACIB, KbhV21
Eikica Dion Deluxe, BOO, junCAC, CAC, KbhJV21, KbhV21

Eikica Breeders Group, Honour prize

Eikica Bossy Bob, 2. best male, CACIB, resCAC
Eikica Amazing Angelina, 2. best bitch, CAC, resCACIB
Eikica Darling Dana, junCAC, resCAC, KbhJV21

Eikica Dion Deluxe:
Best male, Copenhagen Junior Winner 21, Copenhagen Winner 21

The Danish Kennel Club International Show Ballerup 18th September
Photos: Torben Blach
Irish Wolfhound

Ch Pierpoint Night Raven, BOO, CACIB, Copenhagen Winner 21

Eikica Carefree Connor, EX1

Ch Eikica Warlord Wade, BOB, CACIB, KbhV21

EIKICA BIS 1 Breeders Group

The Swedish Sighthound Club International Show at Leksand
4th September

Judge Åke Cronander

Eikica Dancing Daimi, BOB, CAC
Big congratulations to her owner Annki Oscarsson!

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Roskilde 4th September
Eikica Xotic Xio, BOO, CAC (no photo)

Eikica Dion Deluxe, 2nd best male, resCAC, JunCAC
Eikica Dazzling Dragon, 3rd best male, res JunCAC
Eikica Xceptional Xander, 4. best male
Eikica Xtravagante Xallie, 2. best bitch, CAC
Eikica Danish Diva, 4. best bitch, JunCAC
Eikica Darling Diva, ResJunCAC

Eikica Xceptional Xander
the lead for Progeny Class with 4 of his offspring: Honour prize!

The Danish Kennel International Show at Bornholm 15th of June
Irish Wolfhound

EX2, Best Junior, Junior CAC, Eikica Carefree Connor

Eikica Zuper Zatopek, BOB, CACIB
Shorthaired German Pointer
Judge Bo Skalin

Demorz Royal Flush, BOB CACIB

Eikica Danish Diva, Junior CAC, EX2. New Danish Champion

Eikica Bossy Bob, BOB, CACIB
Rude Rider Debbie Harry BOO, CACIB

The Danish Kennel International Show at Bornholm 14th of June
Judge Sven Erik Løvenkjær
Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Zuper Zatopek BOB, CACIB, BIG 3

Eikica Carefree Connor, CAC, junCAC
Eikica Whats’up Woodstock, res CACIB
EIkica Yada Yada Ex4

Shorthaired German Pointer,
Judge Carsten Birk

Demorz Royal Flush BOB, CACIB J

Judge Paul Lawless

Eikica Bossy Bob, BOB, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG4

Eikica Danish Diva, CAC, Jun. CAC, BOO

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Bornholm 13th of June
Judge Martin Johansson
Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Zuper Zatopek BOB, BIS 2

Eikica Bossy Bob, BOB, CAC

Eikica Danish Diva, EX1

Greyhound Club Specialty Show in the Netherlands 17th of July

Best bitch out of a huge entry: Eikica Bonnie Boetje, CAC
Big congratulations to owner, Koos!

The Danish Sighthound Club
National Lure Coursing at Nørresundby 11th of July 2021

Eikica Xquisite Xylos
(in red) Eikica Xceptional Xander (in white)

Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica LC CAC

Eikica Xceptional Xander 3rd place

LC CH Eikica Xquisite Xylos 1st place

Beauty and Performance:
Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica
- and below

Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica 2nd place with LC CAC

Eikica Xceptional Xander 3rd place

The three best Greyhounds at LC!
1st place Xylos, 2nd place Henri, 3rd place Xander

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Nørresundby
10th of July 2021

Judge H. Wozna-Gil
Irish Wolfhound


Nice Steps Henri d’Eikica BOB, ClubCAC
Eikica Danish Diva BOO, CAC, JunCAC

Irish Wolfhound
Eikica Zuper Xatopek BIS 4

Eikica Breeders Class BIS 3

Eikica Dazzling Dragon Ex2, CAC, JunCAC

The Danish Kennel Club Show at Vejen the 18-19-20 of June 2021

The DKK held one Nordic (18th of June) and two International dog shows in Vejen.
Vejen the 20th June
Judge Henrik Søeborg

Eikica Bossy Bob, BOB, CAC, CACIB and
Eikica Darling Dana, BOO, CAC, JunCAC

New Junior Champion Eikica Dazzling Dragon, Ex2, resCAC, junCAC

Eikica Bossy Bob on the move

Eikica Bossy Bob
Irish Wolfhound
Judge Carsten Birk
Eikica Warlord Wade BOB, CACIB, BIG 4

Eikica Yada Yada Ex2, resCACIB

Vejen the 19th of June

Eikica Darling Dana, BOO, JunCAC, CAC

Eikica Dazzling Dragon Ex1, 3.male, JunCAC

Eikica Bossy Bob, EX2, ResCAC, ResCACIB

Irish Wolfhound
Judge Guido Schäfer

Eikica Warlord Wade BOB, CACIB

Vejen the 18th of June (Nordic):
Judge Leif Lehmann Jørgensen

Irish Wolfhound

Ch Eikica Yada Yafa BOB, NCAC

Eikica Carefree Connor - Junior class

Eikica Darling Dana, BOB, JunCAC, CAC, NCAC and
Eikica Bossy Bob, BOO, CAC, NCAC

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Vejen 13th of June 2021
Judge Thomas Rohlin
Photos: Bent, Kaj Frøling and others

Eikica Amazing Angelina BOB, CAC
Irish Wolfhound

New Danish Champion Eikica Yada Yada BOB, CAC

New Danish Champion: Pierpoint Night Raven, BOO, CAC

BOB & BOO Eikica Yada Yada and
Pierpoint Night Raven - both New Danish Champions


Danish Junior Champion: Eikica Amazing Angelina BIS 4 intermediate

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Vejen 12th of June 2021
Judge Kitty Sjong
Photos: Bent, Kaj Frøling and others
Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Yada Yada BOB, CAC and Pierpoint Night Raven BOO, CAC

Eikica Breeders Class Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Breeders Class Greyhound

Eikica Amazing Angelina, BIS 2
Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Yada Yada, BIS 3

Pierpoint Night Raven BOO, CAC

BIS 2 Breeders group
Eikica Xceptional Xander BOO and Eikica Amazing Angelina BOB

Eikica Xceptional Xander
Irish Wolfhound

Pierpoint Night Raven BIS 2 opposite sex

Eikica Xotic Xio Ex

Eikica Xquisite Xylos Ex2, ResCAC
Irish Wolfhound

Eikica Cheeky Charlie Ex2,CK, Res JunCAC 4th best male
Eikica Uccas U, CK, 2. Best male (no photo.)

Lurecoursing training in Silkeborg 15/5

under The Danish Sighthound Club

We have started up again with the delightful sport for sighthounds: Lure coursing training.
Team Eikica tried it for the first time in Silkeborg.

The Danish Sighthound Club Show at Strøby
10/11th of April 2021
Judges Hanne Leine Jensen and Annette Bystrup

Best Of Breed both days: Eikica Bossy Bob
Best Opposite Sex: Eikica Amazing Angelina

Eikica Amazing Angelina BOO, CAC both days
Fra Strøby 10/4-21

Eikica Darling Dana: Very Promising in Puppy class

Eikica Dazzling Dragon - Best Puppy both days

Very Promising Puppy girl, Sunday: Eikica Danish Diva
(In fact, both Eikica Danish Diva AND Eikica Darling Dana went "Best Puppy Bitch"!)

Irish Wolfhound

Ch Eikica Winnin’ Winchester BOB Saturday and BOO Sunday

Eikica Yex Yataghan BOO, CAC Saturday

Eikica Yada Yada, BOB, CAC Sunday

Best Puppy: Eikica Carefree Connor
(Congratulations to owners Inger og Lars Andersson!)

Note: Due to Corona restrictions, Denmark could not hold dog shows before this date.

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