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The Wolfhound is just as lovely as it is big!
The Irish Wolfhound is one of the world's largest breed of dogs - the gentle giant!
A lovely, kind and calm companion. From an old saying: "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked"!
The Wolfhound is often quite lazy, but likes and needs the daily excercise, specially when weather is not too hot.
The Irish Wolfhound has a rough haired coat, that is weatherproof and needs regular trimming and grooming.
Most Wolfhounds like to spend plenty of time outdoors, preferably in good company!

I have always admired these fantastic large dogs and in 2001
it was possible to import the marvellous wheaten coloured bitch: 
Dahmrak's Dejlige Denise from Sabine Hohenberger in Germany.
So absolutely great, beautiful, strong, big, healthy and with so super in temperament as they can be!
Denise won so much in quite a few shows: INTCH, DKCH, SECH, NCH, LUX.CH, NORDCH.
Breed winner Denmark ’04 and Copenhagen winner ’04.  
In 2006 Denise was mated to one of Denmark’s very best males:
the result was a litter of five.
One of her daughters, brindle Eikica Intriquiging Iris, stayed at home with me.

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