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Welcome to Eikica Scottish Deerhounds!  

The Deerhound is a very pleasant and lovely companion.
Even though it is a large dog, it is very quiet and calm in the house, a quick learner,
easy to live with - and it has an easy-to-handle "all-weather" coat which makes the Deerhound
willing to go for walks even if it rains or snows!  
I have during the years had the great fortune to own no less than five wonderful Scottish Deerhounds all from the fabulous Druidwood Kennels in Italy. (Thanks Nicole!)
If you want to meet my Scottish Deerhounds or know some more about the breed,
please feel free to write or call!
- Hanne.


See the page with my wonderful girl: Druidwood Primadonna

Hanne Eikica Böckhaus - Tel. +45 2021 1268 - email: eikica@mail.dk